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GreenBank's Affiliate Ubique Minerals Commences Drilling Program

Toronto, Ontario, August 21, 2017 – GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE: GBC and OTCMKTS: GRNBF) ("GreenBank or the Company") announces that, following the receipt of all permits, its 28% owned affiliate Ubique Minerals Limited (“Ubique”) has commenced a drilling program on its Daniel’s Harbour zinc property in Newfoundland. A minimum of 6 holes have been scheduled to be drilled, with the possibility of expansion of the program to include additional holes. The primary objectives of the drilling ...

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GreenBank to Acquire 15% of Veterans Financial Group

Toronto, Ontario, August 14, 2017 – GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE: GBC and OTCMKTS: GRNBF) ("GreenBank or the Company") announces that GreenBank has agreed to acquire 15% of Veterans Financial Group LLC (“Veterans”), a Portsmouth, Ohio, USA based insurance agency providing insurance services to veterans, families and businesses. GreenBank will pay $57,000 for a 15% interest in Veterans, payable $25,000 in cash and $32,000 by the issuance of 32,000 $1 Non-Voting 5% Preference Shares Series C. ...

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GreenBank Updates Its Merchant Banking Focus and Seeks To Make Further Small-Cap Investments

Toronto, Ontario, August 1, 2017 – GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE:GBC and OTCMKTS:GRNBF ("GreenBank or the Company") announces that it has completed an internal review of its merchant banking activities and reaffirms that its continuing focus will be the further development of its investment portfolio and its merchant banking business. GreenBank is seeking other small-cap investment opportunities, and welcomes approaches from aspiring private companies. During the last six months, and upon the completion of the proposed distribution ...

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GreenBank Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire 14% of Slabdeck

Toronto, Ontario, July 27, 2017 – GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE:GBC and OTCMKTS:GRNBF) ("GreenBank or the Company") announces that it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) to acquire 14% of Slabdeck Technology Inc (“Slabdeck”), a Canadian company that owns 100% of Slabdeck, a unique comprehensive all-in-one search mobile application that integrates social search, discovery and communication. Slabdeck resolves the challenge of having to use numerous apps to find items of interest. The Slabdeck mobile application is ...

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GreenBank Distribution Adjustment

Toronto, Ontario, July 14, 2017 – GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE: GBC and OTCMKTS: GRNBF) ("GreenBank or the Company") announces an adjustment to the ratio of shares comprising the distribution previously announced on July 5, 2017. As a result of the exercise of incentive stock options by directors previously announced on July 7, 2017, the number of issued and outstanding shares of the Company have increased. Accordingly, for every one GreenBank common share on the Record Date ...

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19th Century Paintings Rediscovered

2002  Author:   

19th Century Paintings Rediscovered by Danny Wettreich
Antique Dealers and Collectors January/February Issue 2002

Antiques Dealers & Collectors is a highly respected bi-monthly art magazine which asked Danny Wettreich to write a feature in 2002 describing the resurgence in the market for 19th century paintings, an area in which he has much expertise. All the paintings described in the feature were from the Wettreich collection. These paintings were displayed in the two art galleries owned by Danny Wettreich, European Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas, and British Art Gallery in Mayfair, London, England. This is an excerpt from the January/February 2002 edition of the magazine.

Danny Wettreich European Art Gallery - Merry Wives of WindsorA new art phenomenon has taken hold in both America and Europe. Collectors are focusing with renewed enthusiasm on the previously maligned academic or realist paintings of the 19th Century. This is reflected in the fact that paintings created in the 19th Century have increased in value dramatically over recent years.

Perhaps it is because collectors now have a need to understand art once again. This change in collectors’ perceptions mirrors the 19th Century artist’s love of beauty, grace and excellence. One needs to know very little about the art of painting to recognize the skill of masters such as William Powell Frith, William Godward and Edward John Gregory. No qualification is required, other than an appreciation of beauty.

One does not need lengthy explanations by highly qualified art historians as to the deep meaning behind the works of the 19th Century Realist masters. The brilliance of a Godward or a Frith is obviously to the untrained eye.

Danny Wettreich European Art Gallery - CinderellaCollectors have seen the need for the re-establishment of skill and technique in painting and they are now looking for recognizable quality. In doing so they are often surprised by the affordability of quality 19th century paintings as compared to the huge prices that have been paid for living contemporary artists.

The art market has often been called a lagging indicator of the economy, and in the recent economic boom speculation in the art world has mirrored speculation in the stock market. Many collectors invested in the ultra-modern hoping for a quick payout, but now that the economy has slowed, the day of reckoning is drawing near. In contrast, rather than looking for the high profile, high growth modernistic painters, astute collectors have rediscovered 19th Century paintings. The resurgence in demand has been reflected in the opening of new galleries focusing on 19th Century Realism and Impressionism, by far the largest of which is the 12,000 square feet European Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Together with its associated gallery in Mayfair, London, the newly opened British Art Gallery, it offers hundreds of original signed oil paintings from more than 240 different European artists, the majority of which are 19th Century Realism. Previously, opportunities to purchase top quality 19th Century European paintings were limited to a few select galleries in New York and London. Opened just a year ago, European Art Gallery now attracts collectors from all over America, where they find a vast array of oil paintings reflecting the best in 19th Century paintings in a museum quality setting.

Danny Wettreich European Art Gallery - DorillaThe resurgence in demand for 19th Century paintings is reflected in substantial price increases for quality works. For example, in 1977 the world record price for a Bouguereau was $17,000. In May 2000, Bouguereau’s Charity sold for over $3,500,000. In June 2000, the world record for any Victorian painting was shattered when Saint Cecilia by Waterhouse was sold for £6,600,000 at auction in London to that avid collector of Victorian paintings, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Paintings by deceased artists are finite, and as supply is limited, increased demand results in ever-higher prices. However, it should be understood that there are approximately 800 Bouguereaus in the world and perhaps 80,000 Picassos. The balance of supply and demand does not seem to be truly reflected in this disparity of supply. There is a strong argument for equating the high prices that have been achieved for paintings from the era of Post-Impressionism through contemporary to the “irrational exuberance” referred to by USA Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, when he described the behavior of the stock market.

The greatest gain in collecting art, however, is not the potential capital appreciation of a well-purchased painting, but in the pleasure involved in the process of collecting. Placing paintings in an office or a home is an enriching experience, making empty space come to life with this addition of a new dimension. The easily recognizable beauty of 19th Century paintings, which obviously enrich their surroundings, has encouraged collectors to abandon the judgment of art historians and to trust to their own instincts.

Danny Wettreich European Art Gallery - The SuitorCollectors have told me many times that “I cannot relate to modern art, and I do not like a painting that requires an expert to explain it. I want art that I can understand and that is obviously beautiful.” Increasingly, these collectors are finding what they need in the popular world of 19th Century paintings.

The American collector of European Realist paintings traditionally traveled to London in order to have access to the top pieces available for sale. With recent worries about international flights, the US private collector has been very responsive when masterpieces are available for sale in America. European Art Gallery, despite the fact that it is located in Dallas and not New York or Los Angeles, has become a destination gallery for collectors.

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